Wednesday, November 24, 2021

My Nudist Life

Well its another season of outdoor nudism coming to a close. I'll have to say it wasn't a great year for my personal nudist life. I did get to Kelly's beach at Kouchibouquac Park for a beautiful week in June, The weather in Southern N.B. was dismal in July  and work was ridiculous in August. I did enjoy nude time on my boat, but not near enough. Our household activity was busy with family , so even my home nudity suffered.  I tried to get to a couple of nudist outings  but they too failed due to work and the wrong weather.

But Allas there is a light hat the end of the tunnel. I'm retiring at the end of 2021  and my wife and I are planning on towing out travel trailer to Florida and  spend a month at Blind Creek Beach on Hutchison Island. This will be the first time I've been able to spend more that two weeks on Vacation since I entered the work force. Not to mention most of the month will be nude. I can not wait . The weeks will be crawling by until we leave.  Next summer I hope to spend more time at Kelly's , time will tell. Stay nude everyone.

Sunday, June 13, 2021

My Nudist Life

Well my first trip in our Camper is to Kouchibouguac National Park and to Kelly's Beach. We arrived on Monday around noon and set up the camper in the usual position , to ensure privacy in our outdoor living area. The campground was very empty and we couldn't see our neighbours. I park my truck so I could cook on the tailgate , nude of course, and proceeded to disrobe.

I setup my chair got my book and sat under our  awning with a cold beer. My wife didn't participate  nude outside but this would come later at the beach. Spent the afternoon nude outside and eventually moved indoors when the breezes calmed down and the mosquitos came out.

After are hearty breakfast packed up our beach gear we got an early start on the beach as the temperature would hit 34 C.  When we entered the beach at the end of the board walk there was only one other person walking down the beach. We walked for a kilometre and set up.

We only encountered one textile walking down the beach and no nudists which was disappointing.

It was a glorious day, stayed until about 2pm before starting the trek back to the trailer, As I preciously said, the temperature hit 34 , light breezes and no bugs. The walk back after a few beers in the extreme heat was a bit of a challenge

On the second day the temp was a little cooler , about 23 but still comfortable enough for my nudist endeavours. Had a passing conversation with a couple the were taking photographs. She was engaging but he just let her do the talking. She didn't seem to be bothered with my nudity.

Day three was quite cool mid teens so we dedicated the day to hiking and watching a couple of movies in the evening. The food was great, wine plentiful and the company superb.

Kelly's Beach, one of my favourite spots on the planet.
Til the next time, stay nude. Rob

Monday, September 21, 2020

Blooming Point Beach PEI

My Nudist Life

Keeping out travel to the Atlantic Bubble my wife and I decided to take our travel trailer to PEI and visit Blooming Point Beach. We registered for the crossing and headed out on Thursday for a long weekend.
After arriving and setting up our campground we head to Blooming Point to take advantage of the warmest part of the day. On arrival there were several vehicles parked , but when we crossed the beach access there was only one textile couple visible. 

We walked towards the nude section and set up our chairs. Planning on having a lunch and a bottle of wine. I removed my clothes but my wife found it to cool. The wind was extremely strong and it blew parallel to the beach which made our charcuterie  board a challenge .  Two couples walked by as we sat enjoying out wine, both textile. 

We spent a couple of hours at the beach , but to be honest with the cooler temperatures and strong winds it wasn't  as pleasant as I was hoping. Not a great way to spend my last nude beach of the season. Oh well there is always next year.

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

The End of Summer

 As the summer is winding down and the opportunity to travel to nudist locations become less frequent, I have to resort to being a home nudist. Our front deck , with our hot tub is 100 percent private, but gets a little warm at times. I sit on our back deck and read with a glass of wine in the afternoon. Out neighbour is in view of our deck , but they don't seem to mind me sitting on our deck in my birthday suit. We are planning a trip to Cap Pele but it is a textile beach , I don't  expect to be nude unless I"m in our trailer.

I still have a few more weeks  of boating which is always a nude event for me, so I will cherish these last few outings. Especially in the  winter months . Because of Covid , I probably won't even get to Blind Creek in Florida, another nude beach I think of with great affection. 

I like to keep in touch with other New Brunswick nudist , the Facebook group, New Brunswick Naturist Club (NBN) is one of my favourites, It is for legitimate Naturists and is moderated by Ejner Hansen . I wish I was closer to Kouchibouquac Park, which is were this group tends to focus on. Its a 3 hour drive from Saint John and 3 hours back, not conducive for a day trip . 

I guess I will soon be sitting in-front  of the fire place and hoping for an early spring, to shed my clothes once again at my usual haunts.

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Kouchibouquac National Park Visit

Had a couple of days left in my vacation , so I hooked up the trailer and headed to Kouchi. Arrived around noon on Thursday, went directly to the beach. There were not many people there so after about 5 minute walking to the nude section, I sipped off my suit and finished the walk to the nude section naked.

I arrived at the nude section and setup up my gear. There were  two other couples and a few single men on the beach, spaced well apart. No one was feeling social I guess. Went for a short walk, read for awhile and ended up staying for about 4 hours. The clouds started to flow in with thunder in the distance so headed for my campground.

My campsite had a camper next door , so even with my truck parked strategically , it was clothes on when out side. Friday night was different, when I got back from the beach I BBQ"d in the nude til the Thunder Showers started again.

Friday cleared about 10 AM and I was on the beach by then. Not a soul on the beach, had it to myself, set up my gear and stayed for the day. It was awesome til about 5 PM when the clouds rolled in again, but it was a glorious day.

As previously mentioned, Friday evening sat out by my BBQ with a beer nude, neighbours had moved on. 
Saturday was a bust , mist and drizzle till noon and I had to head home.

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Mount Carleton Provincial Park, New Brunswick

My wife and I have purchased a small travel trailer for our retirement.  On a recent camping trip to Mount Carleton I was hoping to spend at least part of this week nude. The Park has no history for Naturists as far as I know but if you site is selected properly and you trailer and two vehicle are parked strategically you can have loads of privacy. 

The great thing about out National and Provincial parks , they have detailed maps for your camping location and also pictures showing the actual site. When I made my reservation for camping I kept our privacy in mind. Out site was private enough that I could have my coffee or a cold beer after a hike nude under my awning. 

I was hoping to hike nude, but even with a less than full campground , there were plenty of hikers and families on the trails.

This is a great back to basics campground with beautiful scenery , dark Skys, and very quiet.

Blooming Point Beach, Prince Edward Island

I've had limited exposure to Blooming Point Beach , pardon the pun. 😄 I was on the Island for work, it was a nice day, a little cool , and I had the afternoon to kill. So I thought I was check out Bloomerless Beach , it is more commonly know as. This beach is also not officially nude but remote enough, and has a history as a naturist beach. There was a rumour that this beach was not associated with Nudists anymore and that the officials shut that activity down. Not so. After walking for 10 minutes I found a message in the sand, disrobed and continued my walk nude.
It was quite windy on the beach that day, I saw one couple huddled under their umbrella , and had a quick chat with a couple of other nudists. The was a gentleman walking a couple of dogs, I attempted to say hi , but he obviously didn't like my nudity. I walked for about 30 minutes and turned around for my return. Most of the textiles on this beach stay at the entrance to the beach, I've also read there is a gay section at the far end of the beach. 

It was a nice introduction to this beach, and I will return.

My Nudist Life Well its another season of outdoor nudism coming to a close. I'll have to say it wasn't a great year for my personal ...